LR Energy Inc.

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     LR Energy, Inc. is the owner and operator of approximately 225 relative shallow coal bed methane ("CBM") gas wells including 24 horizontal CBM wells and several deeper conventional gas wells located principally in the Arkoma Basin in and around Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma.

     The Hartshorne Coal is a prolific producer of coalbed methane gas through the Arkoma Basin in East Oklahoma.  The Hartshorne Coal seam is 4 to 8 feet thick and runs through several counties; therefore, reducing the risk of extensive exploration.  Methane gas produced is a relatively clean-burning source of energy, much cleaner than coal itself.  Methane gas occurs in most coals, and the location of the Nation's coal resources is already known.  These factors combine to make coalbed methane gas a locally-produced, affordable source of energy.  Also, since the internal surface area of coal is much larger than conventional wells, it can store surprisingly large volumes of methane-rich gas, six or seven times as much gas as conventional gas wells of equal rock volume can hold.  Since most of the coalbeds lie at shallow depths, it makes wells easy to drill and inexpensive to complete.  Throughout the U.S., production from coalbeds account for about 7 percent of the total natural gas production.

     LR Energy also has an ongoing project in the Saxet Field in Nueces County, Texas plus additional interests in non-operated wells located in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

     Our corporate offices are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and current primary field operations are in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma where we operate three workover rigs, dozers, water trucks together with a hardworking crew of 13 rig hands and pumpers.

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